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  • Hollow fibre duvets and duo duvets for UK climate

    Duo duvets are an excellent option, as the set contains two units of 10.5 and 4.5 Tog respectively, which allows for choosing the suitable interchangeable and detachable density for the different Winter weather conditions. As most hollow fibre duvets are made of non allergenic materials, they are harmless for people, even for kids, and they offer unequalled warmth and comfort thanks to their 100 % polyester or cotton thermal fibres that help to keep the duvet’s shape for years.
  • Learn about Childrens sleeping bags

    I f you are getting ready to go on a weekend outing or if you are planning al long excursion in the mountains, only the suitable camping equipment can make of that trip a one-life camping experience. However, as synthetic fibres are plastic threads devised to catch the air to insulate form the cold weather, synthetic sleeping bags can do the trick and also offer the advantage that you can use them even when they are wet.
  • Hollow fibre V-pillows, bolster pillows and bed Pillows

    Hollow fibre V pillows, bolster pillows and bed Pillows If possible, try them for some days before purchasing them!. Bolster Pillows Although bolster pillows have been just a decorative element for many people, other find them essential for a good rest. Hollow V-Pillows are ideal for protecting both nape and neck, as they surround the area and the shoulders, and also provide a sound support, ideal for spinal alignment and a good relaxation.
  • Bed linen - European bedding

    European bed linen dealers also provide inserts, though it can be an issue at time, but it is available. The new larger duvet covers, which have emerged during the past years, are not as widespread as the old fashioned smaller ones. European pillows are most often square in size and not rectangular in shape unlike the American pillows.
  • Luxury bedding - bed linen for UK climate

    As many housewives pay a great deal of attention to classy design, many luxury bed linens designers advice to look for luxury bedding in classic patterns and nice colours, with a modern touch, such as square designs, wide stripes, big circles or floral patterns. There are few basic easy tips to put into practice to purchase the best luxury bedding:
  • Cotton Bath mats and Bath Sheets for Bathroom

    Cotton bath mats are getting more and popular thanks to house and textile designers. In fact, the ultimate home design trend consists of integrating mats and sheets as part of the bathroom design, which usually brings a touch of color and texture in match with the bath sheets for bathroom - they come in almost every color and size.
  • Kids sleeping bags for indoor and outdoor use

    To make a good sleeping bags selection, but especially when it comes to kids sleeping bags, there are some basic decisive criteria that is worth to keep in mind: thermal materials, weight, shape, and size, especially once in the transport bag. - Taking these tips into account will help you to choose the best kids sleeping bag for protecting your kids’ sleep and performance, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Flame retardant Bedding for special needs

    As mattresses are made of very flammable materials, they can be quite dangerous. That is why purchasing Flame retardant bedding is an important safety measure. That is why current technology has developed a broad variety of fireproof bedding, ranging from FR bed sheets to FR pillows, FR duvets, and FR mattress covers.
  • Synthetic Mink blankets for UK Climate

    Other synthetic blankets imitate animal print, such as leopard and zebra, for those with a modern and eccentric taste. Some are made of velvet, while some others are proper –and warmer- imitations. Popular designs : Bengol Tiger Mink Blanket, Cheetha Mink Blanket, Dolphins Mink Blanket, Prarie wolves Mink blanket, Safari Mink blanket, Stallion Mink blanket
  • Mattress protectors & waterproof mattress protectors

    The essence of both regular mattress protectors and waterproof mattress protectors lays on the importance that a mattress has in the lives of people, as it is where we spend the third part of out lives and, on the other hand, it is an important investment within the family budget. Good mattress protectors are essential to sleep with maximum comfort and hygiene.

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