Cushions and Sateen Cushion Covers

Hollow fibre cushions are popular in therapeutic treatments, since they give comfort and adapt to the body shape, which can be useful for spine disorders. They are made with very resistant materials with little holes forming small sections that allow for air circulation.

These cushions also count on extensions on their edges to adhere them to the regular pillow and avoid uncomfortable movements.

Hollow fibre cushions usually also include an electric bomb or a manual bomb to inflate the cushion. Some bombs are especially designed to give a soft massage while they fill the cushions with air.

For example, many hollow fibre cushions have air tubes or air sections that fill with air alternatively, instead of inflating them all at the same time, which aids in blood circulation avoiding the different parts of the head and the neck to be under a certain pressure for a long time.

Another excellent option are cushion inners, made by hollow fiber, which also allows for a good circulation, and are commonly used by people who is not necessarily under medical treatment.

When it comes to cushion covers, sateen cushion covers are wonderful because of their softness and silky look. Apart from being resistant and easy to iron, they are available in all colors and lots of printed patterns for different sizes of cushions, while many come in appealing designs that can be matched with sheets, curtains and other elements of the rooms. In fact, many sateen cushion covers are used just for decoration, and not because of a real need, giving the room a touch of glamour with just this simple detail.

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