Hollow fibre V pillows, bolster pillows and bed Pillows

Hollow fibre V pillows, bolster pillows and bed Pillows If possible, try them for some days before purchasing them!.

Pillows can cause neck ache or, on the contrary, can make it subside. How can you know which type of pillow is best? Experts assure that this is a personal matter, but pillows must be chosen according to the mattress where you will sleep. The nape is a very sensitive area, as it bares the head and accumulates a great deal of stress. So personal is this choice that two people sharing a bed may need different types of pillows.

Hollow V Pillows are ideal for protecting both nape and neck, as they surround the area and the shoulders, and also provide a sound support, ideal for spinal alignment and a good relaxation. They became in fashion during the last years, as they help to prevent and subside the pain form a bad posture while you sleep. However, experts differ regarding their utility, as some say that they are most useful to those who sleep face upward because they avoid neck movements and their subsequent pain. On the other hand, other experts claim that there is no need to buy any special pillows, even in cases of neck degenerative osteo-arthritis.

Bolster Pillows Although bolster pillows have been just a decorative element for many people, other find them essential for a good rest. As they come in different shapes- such as full round bolster, half round, neck bolster, etc. – it is easy to find the one that suits your needs. Just one long bolster pillow will be nice when the bed is made, although having two, in the case of king size beds, is more comfortable, as every user can place it according to his / her needs. Therapists claim that bolster pillows allow for a gentle neck massage.

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