How to fit a duvet cover easily!!

How many of us can put on a duvet cover, without getting into a mess, losing our tempers and/or generally, creating an unnecessary drama?

Follow our simple 10-step guide for an easy way to do the job you hate:
01. Turn the freshly laundered duvet cover inside out.
02. The duvet should be laid-out flat on the bed. Place the duvet cover directly over the duvet on the bed, matching up all the corners.
03. Make sure the opening of the duvet cover is at the bottom of the bed (or in the case of a side-opening duvet, on the side of the bed most accessible to you).
04. Put your hands inside the duvet cover, place your left hand in the top left corner and your right hand in the top right corner and then grab the two corresponding corners of the duvet.
05. Lift your hands into the air and let the duvet cover slide down your arms and over the duvet.
06. Shake gently.
07. Make sure all four corners are fitting snuggly into the cover and that the side seams are not twisted or out of line.
08. Fasten the duvet cover.
09. Place neatly over the bed.
10. Straighten out any creases with your hands.

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