Mattress protectors & waterproof mattress protectors

Learn about mattress protectors and waterproof mattress protectors :

The essence of both regular mattress protectors and waterproof mattress protectors lays on the importance that a mattress has in the lives of people, as it is where we spend the third part of out lives and, on the other hand, it is an important investment within the family budget.

Good mattress protectors are essential to sleep with maximum comfort and hygiene, as they can be washed weekly and prevent your mattress from being damaged or stained. There is a broad variety of products to do that.

Some models of mattress protectors wrap the whole mattress, and have a zip. There is a great variety of materials, designs and quality. Some are made of anti-bacterial fabrics, to prevent virus infections, pneumonia and other respiratory disorders, as they prevent bacteria growth. Some other models are laid on top of the mattress, and tucked in as a lower sheet.

There are some companies manufacturing waterproof mattress protectors which placed on top of the lower sheet will protect the mattress as well. They are made of absorbent materials such as quilted cotton/poly fabrics - a 100% waterproof barrier that is easy to wash and dry. Some models come with tuck in flaps to ensure that the water proof mattress protector stays in place as the kid moves while sleeping.

Purchasing and using mattress protectors will protect your bed from soiling. They are a sensible measure, particularly when you take into account that a good mattress costs more than a few dollars to replace your mattress protectors.

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