• Hollowfibre pillows - bolster pillows and V-Pillows

    Hollow fibre V pillows, bolster pillows and bed Pillows If possible, try them for some days before purchasing them!. Bolster Pillows Although bolster pillows have been just a decorative element for many people, other find them essential for a good rest. Hollow V-Pillows are ideal for protecting both nape and neck, as they surround the area and the shoulders, and also provide a sound support, ideal for spinal alignment and a good relaxation.
  • Bed linen - European bedding

    European bed linen dealers also provide inserts, though it can be an issue at time, but it is available. The new larger duvet covers, which have emerged during the past years, are not as widespread as the old fashioned smaller ones. European pillows are most often square in size and not rectangular in shape unlike the American pillows.
  • Luxury bedding - bed linen for UK climate

    As many housewives pay a great deal of attention to classy design, many luxury bed linens designers advice to look for luxury bedding in classic patterns and nice colours, with a modern touch, such as square designs, wide stripes, big circles or floral patterns. There are few basic easy tips to put into practice to purchase the best luxury bedding:
  • Selecting duvet sets for your bedroom

    In fact, many bed room sets include duvets matching pillows, bed sheets, and window curtains as optional accessories, and you can also use different duvet cover sets, to add variety and style to your room. If your bedroom is traditional and simple, you can make the bed its strong point with a right choice of duvet set.
  • Duvet covers to dress up your duvets

    A duvet is warmth and comfort brought to the moments you spend in bed. Sleeping in a bed where a duvet has been spread can be a truly matchless experience. A great degree of that irreplaceable comfort is given by the duvet covers you choose.
  • How to fit a duvet cover easily!!

    How many of us can put on a duvet cover, without getting into a mess, losing our tempers and/or generally, creating an unecessary drama?
  • All about Duvets

    ‘Duvet’ is the French word for ‘down’ (as in soft feathers). A duvet is a type of bedding or bed covering, which provides fantastic levels of insulation and is surprisingly, lightweight. A Duvet is Also Known As: Quilt or Continental Quilt, Comforter (America), Doona (Australia), Eiderdown, Dyne (Scandinavia)
  • Can Sleeping 8 Hours Kill You Faster

    After a hard days work, you go home, have dinner, and go to sleep. Next morning you wake up all refreshed, and feel fully energized, again go through the entire day, and it keeps going on. But have ever taken a break and asked, hey why is it that I feel so energized because of sleeping?
  • Do You Sleep on a Healthy Bed?

    The best way of truly knowing what a "healthy bed" consist of, one should be acknowledged about the age-old, yet very reliable, amazing wonder of pure wool. A healthy bed will not only provide a good quality sleep but will also help the vital body processes to function on an optimal level helping in a healthy life, and a sense of total well being.
  • Duvet sets selection for your children

    In case you want to decorate your kids room from scratch, you are then free to chose the duvet set you and your kids like most with no colour or texture constrains. Usually, having their own sets with the design and colours they like, motivates kids to take proper care of them. So adults can encourage children to keep the habit of making their bed day after day tidily to keep their duvet sets in good conditions.

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