• Bed linen - European bedding

    European bed linen dealers also provide inserts, though it can be an issue at time, but it is available. The new larger duvet covers, which have emerged during the past years, are not as widespread as the old fashioned smaller ones. European pillows are most often square in size and not rectangular in shape unlike the American pillows.
  • Luxury bedding - bed linen for UK climate

    As many housewives pay a great deal of attention to classy design, many luxury bed linens designers advice to look for luxury bedding in classic patterns and nice colours, with a modern touch, such as square designs, wide stripes, big circles or floral patterns. There are few basic easy tips to put into practice to purchase the best luxury bedding:
  • Cotton Bath mats and Bath Sheets for Bathroom

    Cotton bath mats are getting more and popular thanks to house and textile designers. In fact, the ultimate home design trend consists of integrating mats and sheets as part of the bathroom design, which usually brings a touch of color and texture in match with the bath sheets for bathroom - they come in almost every color and size.
  • Flame retardant Bedding for special needs

    As mattresses are made of very flammable materials, they can be quite dangerous. That is why purchasing Flame retardant bedding is an important safety measure. That is why current technology has developed a broad variety of fireproof bedding, ranging from FR bed sheets to FR pillows, FR duvets, and FR mattress covers.
  • Quality sleep environment

    Are you using 100% natural bed sheets, in their natural untreated form? Natural, chemically untreated fibers allow skin to breathe while we are sleeping, and hence greatly increase the quality of sleep. One should always compare their bedroom with the best possible environment, which is rich in airflow, like sleeping in the open below the stars.
  • Luxury bed linen and fire retardant bedding

    The design of our bedroom and the items we put in it need careful consideration. It is so easy to overlook the impact of electrical wiring surrounding our beds or the obstruction by the door but these things all pose their own set of threats to our well-being, health and safety, and ultimately, our quality of living.
  • Mix-and-match bedroom decor

    As a teenager, I spent hours in my bedroom, ‘pumping out’ loud music. Now, in my adult life, it is the room I go to when I need to find myself, chill out, collect my thoughts etc. The curtains, lampshades and some of the cushion covers are red. I was tempted to paint the small alcove wall in the same shade of red but decided to leave it beige so that I can change the room whenever I feel like it.
  • Sleeping bag liners for protection

    Sleeping bad liners are ideal for helping sleeping bags endure several seasons, prolonging their life, as they will keep your bag clean and are easier to wash. Sleeping bag liners imply a minimal bulk but offer the highest thermal values and advantages for your sleeping bags, they are for sure value for money.
  • Cushions and Sateen Cushion Covers

    When it comes to cushion covers, sateen cushion covers are wonderful because of their softness and silky look. Apart from being resistant and easy to iron, they are available in all colors and lots of printed patterns, while many come in appealing designs that can be matched with sheets, curtains and other elements of the rooms.
  • Luxury Bedding - good things to know

    Well, even if hotel bedding is not suitable for back home, there is a way to invite that luxury feeling, at a smaller scale, in your everyday life. Discount luxury bedding & linens n things , children's sleeping bags, Bath towels all sold here at the UK's best prices.

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