Sleeping Bags

Luxury Microfibre Sleeping Bags:

Once you have picked out all the other essentials for your outdoor adventure and it is now time to pick a sleeping bag. Many options available from which you can pick the one that will add comfort to your nights when you are away in the wild. Our sleeping bags can be used both for camping trips as well as backyard sleepovers. 100% washable, non allergenic easy care both at indoor or camping use. Consideration also should be given to weight of the bag, durability and easy to roll/pack sleeping bag usually because a limited space is available to you during while you are on camping. Our bags are somewhat water resistant and still breathable but care must be taken to keep them dry. Many times children accompany their parents or teachers on camping expeditions hence we have made bags specially for the children which include an attached pillow. Bag liners are also available to add extra protection to your expensive sleeping bag.