Waterproof bedding

Waterproof bedding - Medicare bedding:

It is important to know that all the beds are under attack all the time. Every mattress harbours literally thousands of these bugs However most people have not thought how they can look after their beds and ensure a more healthy approach to their bedding, bedlinen, sheets and duvet covers. We sale a wide range of products including Waterproof duvet - pillows - mattress protectors manufactured to withstand the heavy use found in Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Residential Homes and completely cover and to protect mattresses. 1 in 50 adults suffer from incontinence for neurological or prostate issues, bladder malfunction, problems associated with diabetes, or simply a psychological hangover from childhood. This is very much likely to cause seepage of bodily fluids and add to the possibilities of further infection. Our Medicare bedding - waterproof bedding is specially developed for infection control.