1. Duvet cover sets - Sewing it with your own hand

    Duvet cover sets - Sewing it with your own hand
    Despite the common assumption that anyone can make their own duvet cover sets, even when it comes to double duvet covers (which many find challenging when it comes to placing them on their duvet), the process is not as simple as that. It will not be an enjoyable undertaking for beginners and it is best if you save your time for enjoyable activities
  2. Can Sleeping 8 Hours Kill You Faster

    Can Sleeping 8 Hours Kill You Faster
    After a hard days work, you go home, have dinner, and go to sleep. Next morning you wake up all refreshed, and feel fully energized, again go through the entire day, and it keeps going on. But have ever taken a break and asked, hey why is it that I feel so energized because of sleeping?
  3. Do You Sleep on a Healthy Bed?

    Do You Sleep on a Healthy Bed?
    The best way of truly knowing what a "healthy bed" consist of, one should be acknowledged about the age-old, yet very reliable, amazing wonder of pure wool. A healthy bed will not only provide a good quality sleep but will also help the vital body processes to function on an optimal level helping in a healthy life, and a sense of total well being.
  4. Sleeping bag - buying tips

    Sleeping bag - buying tips
    The sleeping bag you select must apply for you over all general use, as if you are only going to be mountain climbing occasionally, its better to stay with a normal bag, and have an inexpensive fleece upgrade done later, rather than get a cold rated bag and feel hot otherwise.
  5. Duvet sets selection for your children

    Duvet sets selection for your children
    In case you want to decorate your kids room from scratch, you are then free to chose the duvet set you and your kids like most with no colour or texture constrains. Usually, having their own sets with the design and colours they like, motivates kids to take proper care of them. So adults can encourage children to keep the habit of making their bed day after day tidily to keep their duvet sets in good conditions.
  6. Luxury Bedding - Lies Behind it?

    Every one knows that there are two ways of producing fabric: one solution is to manufacture it, and the other is to let nature do it! Natural fabrics are the best of all and that is what prices in shops should reflect. So thread count is not a way to judge good or bad sheets, but just a marketing trick that should not mislead customers anymore. Quality and comfort are measured in a different way.
  7. Waterproof Bedding for whom?

    Waterproof Bedding for whom?
    Waterproof bedding is manufactured at Siesta to withstand the heavy use that is found in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Residential Homes where the problems of bedwetting arise.

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