Recently, a research conducted in the University of California reported shocking news that people who sleep more than 8 hours a day actually have 50% more chances to die sooner.
Whilst this research may not stand its grounds as it has no solid proof and it does not mean people who sleep more will die sooner, but as you will read this study, after reading the 2 free chapters from the powerful sleep e-book I sent you], you may have realized the connection between sleep and the functioning of our body.

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After a hard days work, you go home, have dinner, and go to sleep. Next morning you wake up all refreshed, and feel fully energized, again go through the entire day, and it keeps going on. But have ever taken a break and asked, hey why is it that I feel so energized because of sleeping? Most people, being unaware of this fact, are the main ones who have their sleep system fully messed up and for this reason they feel low energy through out the day without even knowing the reason of its happening.

Most people understand that sleeping can help them with this problem, they know that sleeping causes muscles, immune system and other processes to regenerate peacefully, and hence provide energy; But people often make a mistake in asking “how long should I sleep then?” whilst the actual question should have been “how can I increase QUALITY of my sleep?”
Sleep is not simple going to bed, magically waking up after 7-8 hours full of energy. It is slightly more complex and also more fascinating.

Sleeping longer causes are body to be deprived of the minimal required exposure to sunlight, physical activities, and other day process, without which the core body temperature remains low, and weakens the sleep system.

As an effect, you will tend to be drowsy during the day, and feel weak without energy, since the melatonin hormone levels remain at high.

If the same pattern continues over a period of time, it will reduce the bodies ability to function at a higher temperature which will keep you low of energy, and also damage you sleep system by preventing you to have a deep, quality sleep.

This weak sleep pattern will eventually lead to a weak immune system.

Most people think that because they feel low on energy, they should sleep more to increase the energy levels, which leads further to damaging your system, whereas it should be the other way round. Feeling low in energy after 10-12 hours of sleep must indicate that you should reduce your sleeping time to 7-8 hours or less.

The problem with people is that they are not aware with the proper ways and hygiene of sleep system and hence do not know of ways to strengthen their sleeping system and have a higher level of health. Sleeping less will INCREASE your energy level, and only once your sleep system is fully optimized for maximum performance, can you reduce the duration further.
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