Browsing through the site ( you are sure to come across Egyptian Cotton bedding, where you will notice that the products are labelled: 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale. This might get you thinking: “What is Percale?”, “Why the percentage?”, “Who cares how many threads?” or even “What’s the difference between Cotton and Egyptian Cotton and what makes authentic Egyptian Cotton bedding different from the rest?”

Egyptian cotton bedding defined:

Cotton is a natural, vegetable fibre, harvested from cotton plants around the world. The fibres (or strands) of a cotton plant, assist wind-borne cotton seeds on their flight to pastures new. These same fibres are woven into fabrics. The length of the fibre, determines the quality of the cotton. The longer the strand, the finer the cotton produced. The absorbent and colour fast qualities of cotton make it an ideal material for dyes and printing.

Egyptian Cotton is a fine and glossy cotton which, is renowned for its luxurious qualities. As the name suggests, genuine Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt. It grows in a valley, along the edges of the River Nile, where the rich soil and humid conditions provide a perfect climate for the growth of cotton plants with extra-long strands.

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These cotton fibres are known as staples. The staples of Egyptian cotton are approximately twice as long as the fibres found in ordinary cotton and are classified as being extra-long strands (ELS). Cottons which have long cotton staples produce high quality linens with a high thread count, making them ideal for finely spun and luxurious fabrics. These extra-long strands are woven into the finest cotton available.

Ultimate luxury linen & bee's knees in bedding!

When purchasing Egyptian Cotton bedding, always remember to check that it is labelled as 100% Egyptian-Cotton otherwise you will be compromising on quality, with a cheaper blend of cottons.

Percale relates to the weave of the cotton rather than the fibres. If the cotton contains 200 threads per square inch, it is of the highest quality weave and known as percale. Other types of weave are satin weave and twill weave. Percale weave is also available with higher thread counts. The higher the thread count the more expensive the linen will be.

Benefits of 100% egyptian cotton bedding:

There is no doubt 100% Egyptian-Cotton Percale is the finest of luxury linens and the bee’s knees of bedding. This type of cotton is medium weight, crisp and easy care washable. Strong and hard-wearing and yet very soft to touch, this fabric is breathable, hygienic and hypo-allergenic.