Buyers in the markets of European bedding are more often confused as the bedding style in Europe is quite different from anywhere else. The European bedding style can be broadly classified into 3 different categories with 2 main type of fabrics.

1. Duvet covers : The duet covers are very similar in sense to the American comforting covers but are not essential comforter; they usually sit on top of the beds with clean sides without any material hanging about. Also, many countries in northern Europe, which have adapted the style of individual bedding including people who sleep together in one bed, require a better solution than to fight for bed sheets at night. European duet covers range in size from 50 to 60 inches in width to 68 to 78 inches in length. Luxury European bed linen dealers also provide inserts, though it can be an issue at time, but it is available. The new larger duvet covers, which have emerged during the past years, are not as widespread as the old fashioned smaller ones.

2. Bed Sheets : There are primarily two kinds of bed sheets available: Northern European bed sheets and Southern European sheets (France and further South).

The north European sheets are twin sized and for one person only, it provides further way for the duvets as discussed above, and is provided with buttons to fit over the duvet. Many people now days have abandoned this style either by diverting to the southern style or staying with the duvets with covers.

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The Southern European sheets are mainly from French and Italian sides which are usually full size, also consisting of king and queen sizes. These sheets range from plain to quite fancy style, to very intricately and exquisitely embroidered masterpieces that one can only even imagine of. Main specialties are wedding and trousseau sets. These sheets are sought in a very fine manner and are most often purchased by collectors for various home based projects. The heavier homespun sheets available, are more strong and durable, and suit requirements of most users.

The vintage bedding stores do not provide obvious fitting sheets, because the fitted sheets were not well introduced in the European bedding markets until the 1970’s, and hence did not get a good chance to have widespread acceptance in Europe, although a person can make a flat sheet into a fitted sheet on with basic sewing skills.

3.Shams : European pillows are most often square in size and not rectangular in shape unlike the American pillows. Bolsters pillows were generally used until the early 1900’s, although examples are still found in many hotels today. General European sham might be around a 30 inch square and the inserts, which are usually found in stores in the United States, is 26 inches which is not truly a sham in the European bedding sense. The 30 inch square style is widely available all around and is adopted by people in many parts of the world.