Why do we need Flame retardant Bedding : Paradoxically, the place where you are supposed to feel most safe, is the same place where the risk of fire is higher. Though we are all exposed, many people underestimate the power of fire thinking they could put it out in case it starts at home. But this way of thinking can easily lead to tragedy.

As mattresses are made of very flammable materials, they can be quite dangerous. That is why purchasing Fire retardant Bedding is an important safety measure. That is why current technology has developed a broad variety of fireproof bedding, ranging from Flame Retardant bed sheets to Flame Retardant pillows, Flame Retardant duvets, and Flame Retardant mattress covers.

Usually, these FR protectors are made of a special fabric and come with a zip, preventing the fire/flame from reaching any part of the pillow or the mattress. Wool is also a good material for making blankets, as fire doesn’t catch wool so easily as polyester or cotton.

In the case of Fire Retardant bed sheets, many are made entirely by cotton, after which they received a special treatment to retard combustion when they are exposed to flames.

In the case of mattresses, it is important to purchase the ones with the label of Sleep Products Safety Council in order to make sure they fulfil the current basic fireproof regulations. Moreover, it is a need for smokers and disabled persons to buy FR bedding to reduce even more the risk of fire in the bedroom.

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One of the extra advantages of Fire Retardant bed linens has to do with hygiene, since they repeal many invisible dangerous agents, such as acarus, which cannot even touch the mattress when it is covered with this kind of protection. In fact, it is thanks to Flame retardant Bedding that mattresses even last more.

When you decide to purchase your next bedding set, remember that the safety of FR bed linens is currently combined with functionality, providing everyone a convenient protection.

Range of Flame Retardant bedding Products usually include FR Duvets, FR Duvet Covers, FR Pillows, FR Flat sheets, FR Fitted Sheets, FR Pillow Cases and FR Base Valance.