Bedroom Decor is my favourite pass time. It has been for as long as I remember. Even as a child, I have spent hours playing in there....

As a teenager, I spent hours in my room, ‘pumping out’ loud music. Now, in my adult life, it is the room I go to when I need to find myself, chill out, collect my thoughts etc. It is also, where I like to spend time relaxing with my partner. There is nothing more refreshing and invigorating than waking up in pleasant surroundings and nothing more relaxing than falling to sleep in luxurious comfort.

Nowadays, with the vast range of bed linens available on the high street, it's easy to create different 'moods' for your boudoir. Paint the walls in a neutral shade of cream, beige or white, keep the floor-covering simple (e.g. beige carpets or wooden floors) and add touches of colour to match your requirements. Make use of the huge variety of textures and accessories currently in the shops and "Hey Presto!", "Voila!" You have your dream room! Your seclusion zone, your solitude and romantic oasis all rolled into one.

I have two bedrooms in my house, both painted beige, both with plain beige carpeting and identical beige and brown quilt set. In the main room, I added a touch of 'burnt red', in the guest room, aqua blue and gold. The main bedroom is ‘splattered’ with cushions, throws and rugs. It's an abyss of textures scattered with flashes of red and animal prints. The bedspread, pillow shams and sheets are red satin. The cushion covers are faux fur, leather, suede and velvet: some, plain beige or brown; others with tiger and leopard print designs.

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The curtains, lampshades and some of the cushion covers are red. I was tempted to paint the small alcove wall in the same shade of red but decided to leave it beige so that I can change the bedroom decor whenever I feel like it. I can even just swap the two bedrooms over! The guest room has a flowery theme but as this room is the smaller of the two, the flowers are only evident on a few cushions and a wall picture. The twin beds each have a matching throw, platform valance, bedspread, pillow cases/shams and cushion covers.


Start out with a 'blank canvas' - i.e. plain and neutral walls and floor covering.
Add Splashes of Colour Do not be tempted to over-do the colour, remember it is easier to change the look if you keep it basic.

Texturize Take advantage of the wide range of textures available such as faux fur, sheepskin, leather, suede, satin etc.

Accessorize Add cushion covers of matching shades to compliment the neutral foundations and highlight the contrasting, colour or colours, of your choice.

Make it Practical In summer, use faux Satin or Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers and pillow shams. In winter, use Fleece sheets or even Thermal sheets. Also, add a Bedspread and a Throw in the colder months.

Keep it Tidy Use a platform valance to hide things under the bed and create extra space.

Theme It If you want to add a dash of pattern and depth to your design, choose a theme such as flowers or hearts and add a throw or a cushion cover.

Add extra opulence to your bedroom décor with a luxury quilt set and/or bedspread, some complimentary rugs and adjustable lighting.