We as humans want good quality in food, clothes medicine and everything that we incur in everyday environment we work in; hence we also need to understand the requirement of Quality sleep environment.

We often leave our daily important work to go for sleep to replenish our energy levels, then why not make sure that we get the best sleep.

Are you using 100% natural bed sheets, in their natural untreated form?
Natural, chemically untreated fibers allow skin to breathe while we are sleeping, and hence greatly increase the quality of sleep.

One must beware, as most cotton sheets available in the market are not 100% natural as they say, and are mostly treated with formaldehyde to increase wrinkle resistance.

This not only exposes you to toxic chemicals, putting under strain, our immune system; but also blocks air flow to the body resulting in bad Quality sleep environment.

I recommend to use sheets of cotton flannel as compared to the wrinkle resistant ones, because these are not treated and do tend to for wrinkles.

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Quality sleep environmen

Does your mattress give you what you want?
In the early part of the 20th century, a phenomenon addressed as the “American mattress phenomenon”, which began using spring in mattresses to increase buoyancy in the mattresses by the use of metal coils. This gradually started giving way to more springs and unnecessary junk being added to the box springs.

The coils do not just create an unnatural form of support in essence, but also act like a magnet for stray electromagnetic activities occurring in the room and attract them causing disturbance to our own natural electromagnetic field and hence causes an uncomfortable environment. BAUBIOLOGIE, a central European science considers the electromagnetic disturbances to be the base of assessing the standards of human health in any given environment.

Does your wooden bed frame provide you with the necessary support?

The basic support begins with the wooden frames. These wooden frames must be checked to see that they do not contain toxic materials like formaldehyde and other glues which as in general are provided by plywood and pressboard. This weakens the human immune system.

Do you understand ways of maintaining a natural Quality sleep environment?

When we sleep and dream, our body continues to function the vital body processes, which help us in detoxification and regeneration. Natural products do not block the airflow and allows a body to breathe. This in a way interacts with our body’s natural need to breath and is a great advantage.

Do you fully understand the use of wool filled products and their benefits?

Wool in its natural form provides support and most importantly, is not mildew. It looses any excess of moisture very quickly. Wool posses the quality to match the temperature of the surrounding, and hence for couples with varying needs, this serves as the best product.

Wool provides a surface, which is very resilient and gives the person a feel of being cuddled, and having a warm hug. Wool does not help fire increase by itself and hence is safe.

A shepherds dream would consist of wool surrounded by cotton muslin in it 100% natural, completely untreated and unbleached form.

If you want to have your own such wool surround system, you should take into consideration mattresses, comforters, pillow, and neck pillows, all made of pure wool to have the complete “wool surround” experience.

The bottom part of this wool surround system would consist of a wool filled mattress which is of great importance in handling the content of moisture that is received by the underlying bedding.

The top part of this system consist of the comforters which provide a completely wool beneficial, environment- together with the mattresses. These are light in weight and also have the ability to warm up or cool down according to different people and their needs.

The last part wood consist of the wool filled pillows and neck rests which provide sturdy support and a deep comforting sleep environment for us to rest in

Is your room receiving the optimal amount of fresh air?

One should always compare their bedroom with the best possible Quality sleep environment, which is rich in airflow, like sleeping in the open below the stars. Hence always keep your windows open, and if temperatures dip too low, as in winter, cover yourself with more wool blankets and just narrow the window to allow minimal required air to pass through.