When winter sets in the UK and temperatures start rounding about the freezing point, it is the perfect moment to restock our luxury bedding with some warm bed linen ideal for winter days.

What are the most suitable materials for bedding? First of all, flannel sheets seem to be every one’s favourite these days. Just think about the feeling of getting into your bed after a long cold day and enjoy their warmth and comfort with a touch of distinction given by flannel luxury bedding.

If your flannel bed sheets and pillow cases look worn out, and need a change, there are some useful pieces of advice that will help you to select a high quality well designed set that will last for years.

As many housewives pay a great deal of attention to classy design, many luxury bed linen bedding designers advice to look for bedding in classic patterns and nice colours, with a modern touch, such as square designs, wide stripes, big circles or floral patterns.

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There are two basic easy tips to put into practice to purchase the best luxury bedding:

1) Put the sheets against the light. If you can see through them, they are not high quality linens. The more threads the sheet has, the more dense the fabric will be, so the less you will be able to see through them. If they are thick, you will enjoy a better protection against cold. Sometimes, sheets come in close packages, so it would be a good idea to ask for samples at the store, to light-check them and feel the material.

2) Dyed thread bed sheets are usually better quality than printed ones, as threads were individually dyed before wowing them. Designs are then created during the wowing process by combining threads in different colours. That is a quality luxury bedding detail, as their design can be perfectly seen on both sides, unlike printed sheets. In addition, dyed sheets colours don’t wear out so easily, looking as brand new bedding for much longer.