Sleeping bag liners are ideal for helping your bags endure several seasons, prolonging their life, as they will keep your bag clean and are easier to wash. They also add for comfort to your bag and offer the advantage that you can sleep in your bag in scorching nights when being in your bag would be more than uncomfortable!

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You bought expensive quality sleeping bags for you and your family. What about if you want them to last for several years?

Although purchasing sleeping bag liners will imply some extra expenditure, you will save in the long term, as you will avoid the wear-out and the possible tears inflicted by most washing machines.

It is advisable to purchase the ones made of a breathable fabric, as they will add between 8 and 10 C of warmth anyway. Some quality bag liners come with extra tapers for your shoulders and feet, to add comfort and warmth.

Uses of sleeping bag liners :

  • It will always protect and increase life of your expensive bag.
  • You may also use it as a sheet to protect yourself in warmer climate.


  • Synthetic: Preferable in humid conditions and not too expensive.
  • Coton or Poly-cotton - Good, durable and economical.
  • Silk: They are compact, lighter and absorbent, smoother to touch, they come bit expensive as well.
  • Fleece - Sold at moderate price but they are warmer and heavier.

Some companies make double travel silk bag liners. They are a hygienic choice, as they help you avoid the embarrassment of leaving dirty sheets in a bed or sleeping bag other than your own, and may also add some romance too. They are light and practical, since once packed they can be carried in a suit case.

As when sleeping bag liners are packed they imply a minimal bulk, but offer the highest thermal values and advantages for your bags, they are for sure value for money.