Are you thinking of renovating the look of your room as you get ready for the British cold Winter? Good news: There’s no need to sacrifice style for being warm when synthetic mink blankets are easily available. Especially when you look for good taste and design apart from comfort.

Although there is a wide range of types currently available, when it comes to quality and style, just a few bunch can equal the feeling of fur blankets. In addition, in most cases no animals have been harmed, since quality wowing can achieve the goal of looking just like real mink blankets for luxurious bedding, for example. Of course, the warmth of this kind of wowing is just beyond comparison.

Other synthetic blankets imitate animal print, such as leopard and zebra, for those with a modern and eccentric taste. Some are made of velvet, while some others are proper –and warmer- imitations. On the other hand, mink blankets allow for a choice of different classic colours and shades. Bear patterns, can also make a room stand out at the same time they guarantee a gentle warmth in extremely low temperatures.

Many blanket sets also come with matching cushions and rugs, creating an atmosphere of style. Usually, these designs also combine with the coffee colours in the room quite well, such as the dark brown of furniture or light creme of walls.

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Another interesting option is the use of synthetic Mink blankets in ivory shades, such as the polar bear blankets, combined with contrasting cushions, like those in dark red, which can be matched with other room elements as well - when it comes to choosing pictures, candles, lamps and plants, the overall room colour scheme must be taken into account.

When these resources are properly exploited, the result is more than a nice decoration: it is a smart warm atmosphere, the perfect match for facing the UK cold!

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