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  1. Learn about Childrens sleeping bags

    Learn about Childrens sleeping bags
    I f you are getting ready to go on a weekend outing or if you are planning al long excursion in the mountains, only the suitable camping equipment can make of that trip a one-life camping experience. However, as synthetic fibres are plastic threads devised to catch the air to insulate form the cold weather, synthetic sleeping bags can do the trick and also offer the advantage that you can use them even when they are wet.
  2. Kids sleeping bags for indoor and outdoor use

    Kids sleeping bags for indoor and outdoor use
    To make a good sleeping bags selection, but especially when it comes to kids sleeping bags, there are some basic decisive criteria that is worth to keep in mind: thermal materials, weight, shape, and size, especially once in the transport bag. - Taking these tips into account will help you to choose the best kids sleeping bag for protecting your kids’ sleep and performance, both indoor and outdoor.
  3. Sleeping bag liners for protection

    Sleeping bag liners for protection
    Sleeping bad liners are ideal for helping sleeping bags endure several seasons, prolonging their life, as they will keep your bag clean and are easier to wash. Sleeping bag liners imply a minimal bulk but offer the highest thermal values and advantages for your sleeping bags, they are for sure value for money.
  4. Sleeping bag - buying tips

    Sleeping bag - buying tips
    The sleeping bag you select must apply for you over all general use, as if you are only going to be mountain climbing occasionally, its better to stay with a normal bag, and have an inexpensive fleece upgrade done later, rather than get a cold rated bag and feel hot otherwise.

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