Sofa Saver

One Seater: 45 x 40 cm
Two Seater: 89 x 40 cm
Three Seater: 135 x 40 cm

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Product Description

Don't spend out on sofa repairs or a new sofa when it's not absolutely necessary
Sofa Savers can rejuvenate your sagging sofa, restoring firmness and providing support where it's required.
Fitting is incredibly easy as the Sofa Saver is simply placed underneath your sofa cushions and is held in place by the non-slip fabric cover.
Sofa Savers are designed to sit on the springs of your sofa and provide additional support. For best results place in the center of your sofa, away from the front/back edges.

Simple to fit. Improves comfort.
Avoids expensive sofa repair or replacement.

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