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U-shaped pregnancy pillowcase

Pillowcase for U-shaped Pregnancy pillow

U-shaped Pregnancy pillow - Body pillow

Also known as a Maternity Support Pillow/Body pillow is a necessity rather than a luxury during pregnancy considering the importance of restful sleep.
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Pregnancy pillow Features:

  • This pillow provides luxurious comfort and excellent support to the body
  • Anti-Allergenic, safe, healthy bedding materal
  • Machine Washable for easy care
  • This Pillow help relieve Back,Neck & Shoulder Pain, Restless Sleep, Maternity Discomfort.

Also known as a Maternity Support Pillow is a necessity rather than a luxury during pregnancy considering the importance of restful sleep. This gently curved – body length pillow where you can put one end between your knees, have it supporting your bump and even put your head on the curve.

These pillows are made using perforated hollow fibre that allows the air flow as you sleep and it lets the moisture flow away from the head. During pregnancy you are encouraged to lie on your left side to maximise the blood flow between baby and mother and it is maintained by the shape of this pillow. Pillow gently prevents you from rolling on to your back as it moulds to your shape easing the pressure on key areas – such as hips and neck, bump, knees and back.

Use it as a Body Pillow:

It is mega versatile and not just as a one off pregnancy product. This pillow basically is a body pillow intended to provide a support of many pillows in a single flexible, cuddly form that stays with you throughout the night. Body pillows however, are elastic forms that supports to align all the problem areas of the body simultaneously. It simply can not be simulated with the help of standard pillows as will fall away during sleep.

Especially for Side sleepers this body pillow will help reduce the stress and pressure placed on the hips, knees, shoulders and back created when they aren’t supported. Even individuals who don’t experience aches or discomfort from sleep enjoy body pillows, as they simply find their oversize cushioning to be the most comfortable way to sleep.

Most of the pregnant women find this pillow very useful as it provides excellent body support to sleep on either sides without changing the pillow positions. This also helps while breast feeding. Each strand of hollow fiber is perforated allowing moisture to flow away from the head and also allow an easier airflow as you sleep.

This Pillow is easy care machine washable available in three sizes and removable Pillow cover, apart from plain colours is also available in printed designs like: Gingham Blue, Gingham Maroon, Gingham Pink, Gingham Purple and Stars.

Why it is cheaper on our site? Usually U-shaped pregnance pillow is not a cheaper option however as a bedding manufacturer we are able to provide it at a very reasonable online price. .

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