Waterproof Duvet Single(PU)

Waterproof Duvet (PU): Polyurethane Waterproof Duvet for Single bed.

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Product Description
Waterproof Pillow (PU): PU Waterproof pillows - Polyurethane Waterproof pillows manufactured to withstand the heavy use that is found in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Residential Homes.

One of the main features of it to remain soft and comfortable when in use. It even gets softer under body heat, moulding to the user's shape and that of the mattress meaning extra comfort for the user. Products in the range are virtually undetectable in use and will not crack or harden. Our Medicare bedding is specially developed for infection control.
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waterproof bedding
wanted it for some special reason Review by Janice (Posted on 16/09/2017)
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