The best way of truly knowing what a "healthy bed" consist of, one should be acknowledged about the age-old, yet very reliable, amazing wonder of pure wool. In my business, The Natural bedroom I have been doing research for the best material that is superior not only in quality but also the “feel” of it, and by far, wool has proven superior to any other fiber, be it natural or synthetic.

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My business involves in developing alternative sleep environments, and when it comes to creating a “healthy” bed, organic cotton and wool suits the best.

Here are the reasons why wool makes a healthy bed:

1. Moisture is handled better than any other material, wool, prevents mildew formation which is the main irritant to our immune system, as most people are unaware, their beds are often in presence of mildew. Wool will make you feel comfortable, and not overly sweaty.

2. Wool is temperature sensitive and responds to automatically to by raising its temperature, or lowering it. Hence it is the best, be it in summer or in winter, also for couples-wool would be the best, providing optimal conditions for both partners.

3. Wool provides wonderful support to your body; it is the best solution for differing individual preferences. It also is a relief for menopausal as well as arthritic symptoms.

Luxury bedding made from Wool is a true blessing for all humans. Although countries like America lost its connection to it by the introduction of synthetic fibers during the industrial revolution, bring along with it their toxic counterparts, but countries like Europe never lost its appreciation for the material and still remains the main ingredient of qualitative healthy bed products. The wool I use is from local woolgrowers who shear wool, and send it to us for washing and layering. Then this pure wool serves as the raw ingredient for top quality comforting products like mattress, pillow, bed-sheets etc. Wool in its natural and untreated and unbleached for contains a thin layer of cotton muslin around it, which is also very comforting. The main part of any bed that provides majority of the support is the underlying mattress. Having a soft mattress in which you sink in completely is not a problem but years later this might take its toll on your body and hence a semi or a part solution would fit perfect. Spring mattresses, which are readily available, are an American phenomenon. Europeans try to avoid box springs and use considerably less number of inner springs. Springs in an essence provide artificial support and is detrimental for a healthy living.

Foam mattresses which are a non spring alternative, formed by replacing the springs by a hard base on which the fiber is placed, in a sense is better than the spring mattresses but doesn’t allow the material to breath , and hence leaves our skins deprived of the very basic function of regeneration during the night. A healthy bed will not only provide a good quality sleep but will also help the vital body processes to function on an optimal level helping in a healthy life, and a sense of total well being.