Know why kids sleeping bags usually develop an important role in these situations? When kids are involved in some physical activity far from home, like camping, the way they sleep can contribute to the development of these activities. In fact, the quality of sleep conditions can notoriously affect their performance, energies, and their behavior during daytime.

To make a good sleeping bags selection, but especially when it comes to kids sleeping bags, there are some basic decisive criteria that is worth to keep in mind: thermal materials, weight, shape, and size, especially once in the transport bag.

Thermal capacity is given by the thickness of the insulating material and its quality, along with some technical details, such as the insulation of the zip and the shape of the hood. However, the accumulation of air inside the kids sleeping bag is not only threaded by cold, but also for humidity.

Humidity can occur also at indoor use, since even in dry whether some it is produced during sleep, which quantity varies from one kid –and adult- to the other depending on the physical conditions. So the feeling of cold is related to other facts apart from temperature, such as humidity.

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Volume is another important matter, especially for kids sleeping bags, as they should not sacrifice warm for comfort at the time of carrying it when they are used outdoors. That is why modern materials are characterized for their functionality, resistance, and lightness.

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In terms of dimensions, it is important for kids to have some freedom inside the sleeping bag, not only for their comfort, but also because it raises their insulation, as it has been discovered that 70% of the thermal capacity is given by the insulation layer, while a 30% is given by the inner space of the bag, that holds their warm air.

So taking these tips into account will help you to choose the best kids sleeping bag for protecting your kids’ sleep and performance, both indoor and outdoor.