Is waterproof bedding just useful in case your child wets the bed? Many adults think so and they deprive themselves from the chance to enjoy a better bed linen quality.

It is made like regular spread to protect mattress, but it includes a vinyl layer that doesn’t allow any humidity to reach the mattress. Foam rubber base comes in different textures providing some extra therapeutic benefits, such as circulation aid, relieve of back pain, and a better rest for the body.

Waterproof  products, made of wool, are an interesting choice when it comes to purchasing bedding pieces made of natural materials. They are useful because of their breading capacity that allows for keeping the warmth in winter and the cool air in summer.

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Those suffering of allergies, must remember that mattresses are a shelter for dust particles and acarus, which can be passed on to sheets and pillows. In fact, in combination with pillow feathers, these particles can keep sneezing an allergic person all through his sleeping time. So, waterproof products can be useful in these cases too, since it repeals the dust and all the other kinds of particles that may provoke an allergy disorder .

Regarding the special care at the time of cleaning waterproof bedding, the ones made of foam rubber are not washable in laundry machines. They should be hand-washed with a soft detergent, as well as many wool bedding. They should not be squeezed, as this makes them lose their shape. Tumble dryers are not advisable either, since heat can make them loose the typical sponge characteristics of foam rubber, and even tear it apart. However, the label on each waterproof product describes what is best for every specific piece in this regard. Following those instructions properly will maximise the life of your bedding.

On the other hand, when these pieces of bedding begin to show extensive worn out signals or when they stop giving the desired comfort, it is time to change them. However, remember that foam rubber bedding ’s colour tends to change when exposed to air or light, but that doesn’t mean they are old enough to be changed.

Full range bedding and Waterproof bedding usually include waterproof pillows, waterproof pillow protectors, waterproof mattress protectors, waterproof duvets. - Waterproof products  manufactured at Siesta to withstand the heavy use that is found in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Residential Homes where the problems of bedwetting arise.